Anyone have any recommendations for Botox?

Something that doesn’t cost a bomb! Doctor only - prices at my current place have gone up! :frowning:

Natali Kelly is incredible, but also worth checking out Sophie Shotter and Benji Dhillon x

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I love Dr Bibi, but have heard very good things about Dr Tatiana Clinic

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All the above recommendations are excellent but all have top notch prices to match their top notch reputations - and I see that the one thing you said is that price is a consideration (I hear you! :laughing).

I don’t often have to pay because I’m lucky enough to write about beauty so it’s a perk, but when I was paying and if the time comes when I have to pay again (!), then I’d go to Dr Firhas Tukmachi at Atm - he’s charging £260 for three areas which I think is good. Think he does various clinics around London and outside.

Knowing quite a lot about what is good practice and what is not - I was very happy with him. He’s very professional and got a good aesthetic eye in my opinion which is really important.


Thanks all!!