Anyone tried a beauty pillow?

Hello all, i am interested if anyone has tried a beauty pillow like this one? They keep you on your back (sleeping like Jlo and Kardashians). I have noticed that I am getting lines next to my mouth on one side from sleeping that way. Any other suggestions? Seems like a pretty straightforward concept to me.

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I’ve never tried this but I HAVE tried a silk pillowcase which also prevents lines and frizzy hair! There’s so many available and you don’t have to spend heaps. Kitsch Satin Pillowcase Ivory | Free Shipping $35+ – KITSCH

This one from Kitsch is fab x

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I am a big fan of silk pillowcases. Thank you for the suggestion and reply. I will try one of these pillows and feed back!

Hi! I used to use Nurse Jamie’s Beauty Bear pillow but found it quite cumbersome after a few weeks. I now sleep on a silk pillowcase religiously and even take one with me when I travel! Beauty Bear Anti-Wrinkle Pillow Memory Foam – Nurse Jamie


These look amazing- I agree with all the above about the silk pillowcases! Interestingly I too have more lines on the right side of my face, especially around my eyes, and I sleep on my right, so I’d love to hear how you get on if you do invest!

Hello everyone, so I have now tried this pillow for a few nights and do recommend it. It keeps me on my back and I have noticed less furrows (lines) upon waking that usually disappear within the first hour in the day. My furrows usually appear as marionette lines (from nose to edge of mouth). I noticed they were getting deeper on my dominant sleep side. I am confident with use this will obviously not reverse them but stop them deepening. It is comfortable also. Good design and removable and washable cover. It’s also handmade in Devon (local to me so that’s nice).