Ascot Dress Code

Hi everyone, I’ve just booked my ticket to Royal Ascot this year and already am planning my outfit. I’ve found the most gorgeous dress, however it has a cut out between the chest and waist which I’m not sure may count as showing midriff? As part of the enclosure, midriffs must be covered, and whilst my stomach isn’t totally exposed, I obviously want to adhere to the code! Can you let me know your opinion - it’s such a stunning dress so am hopeful I can get away with it.

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I love a dress with cut out details, however, in my opinion you want to feel comfortable, and if you might spend time on the day worrying you aren’t following the dress code, I would personally look for a style that you feel confident in and definitely follows the dress code.

I also think it’s best to fully adhere to the dress code. If you have your heart set on the dress, and you’ll wear it for other occasions, I’m sure you find a tailor to temporarily cover the cutout.

I agree with Elaine about covering the cutout. If you’re in the Royal Enclosure they’re very strict. They have teams of people checking as you walk in, and I have seen women with short dresses who have spent the day wearing a longer slip underneath which they’ve been given in order to be admitted, so I wouldn’t chance it!

We also wrote this piece last year in partnership with Ascot, so you can be confident it has advice in it you can trust.

Hi, we are in the Village enclosure for Ladies Day and I’m struggling to understand what’s allowed for headwear? Does a headband count as a headpiece? There are some really pretty ones but not sure if they count! Thank you! X