Asian restaurant recommendations

I am looking for a couple of restaurant recommendations, firstly for a Dim Sum (Yum Cha) restaurant and separate to that a Sushi Restaurant for a informal / casual dinner with my sister around central / south London. Living in Sydney and coming home for Christmas, am a little out of the loop with good but affordable places to go. Any help appreciated. Thank you!

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Din Tai Fung is great! I also love Ugly Dumplings. For a relaxed sushi dining atmosphere try Inki Nito or OKA x


Thank you so much Mia - will look at these recommendations! x

Both of these are excellent! I also LOVE BaoziInn for dim sum.


Thanks Heather Ill check it out!

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For sushi try Rika Moon / Ukai / Sumi in Notting Hill. There’s also Dinings SW1, which is more expensive but great. For a good bet that is more affordable try Oka (locations around London).

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Thanks Annabel - Ill have a look at those too! Most appreciated!