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Charlotte I have to know your workout routine! what are your favourite pilates studios/ places to workout in london? xx


Alternatives to your fab silver jacket that are a bit more affordable if possible?! I love it! X

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In love with your new raey white trousers. Which style are they please and how are you planning on styling them throughout summer and (dare I say it) winter? Xx

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Thank you - I am too! It’s these - currently out of stock but looks like more are coming.

I’ve been wearing them with blouses, shirts and camis over the last few weeks and will definitely wear them into winter - I love a wide leg like that with a cashmere jumper or skinny roll neck. Basically anything that can be tucked in works x

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Love them so much, I was eying up these ones but wasn’t sure if they would work as well in the winter being cotton.

Hi Charlotte! I’m a huge fan and admire your all you do at SL and also in your “private” life. Would love your advice on the trends I can incorporate into my everyday wardrobe. xo


Hey Charlotte, I noticed your face looks so much more structured, with cheek bones standing out. Did you add a new facial routine, or make up over the past few months? You look amazing!

That’s very kind thank you, I haven’t done anything different apart from switch up my foundation - I’ve moved away from a heavier kind to Westman Atelier glow drops which perhaps are less cakey. I also use a Clinique chubby stick as a contour/highlighter, but always have! X

Hi Charlottle, sorry I have another question! You have some beaut blouses with fun motifs such as butter and cigarette packets, I wondered if you could share where these were from? Xx

Westman Atelier is the Bentley of the make up, isn’t it? Thank you for making time in your busy schedule and getting back to me. Have a great day!

The cigarette one is an old one from Koibird - some of my favourites for something a bit tongue in cheek are Karen Mabon, Kitri and Damson Madder x


Hi Charlotte

Love your home! We are buying our first flat and moving soon - keen to make it homely earthy cosy. Aside from the obvious bed sofa table what else would you recommend purchasing to create that feel/ any tips? And where is your gorgeous blanket on your bed from please? Maroon/burgundy. Thanks x

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Hi Katye

Congratulations! For cosy/earthy vibes I think lots of blankets, candles and lamp light is key. I have Pooky’s rechargable lights dotted around every room, and try to really lean into dark colours - we’ve never regretted being bold on wall colour. Make sure to paint all your woodwork the same as your wall colour (ceiling too…!) and also focus on natural textures - I love dark woods, travertine, marble and stone for a modern approach to cosy xx

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Hi Charlotte,

How supportive are SL of the LGBTQ+ community?
As a transgender member I’d be very interested in makeup, hairstyles and fashion for ‘late starters’.

Hi Charlotte! Love LOVE your necklace on this weeks show. Can you tell me where it’s from pls? :nazar_amulet::hamsa:

How do you decide which shade of Westman Atelier glow drops is best for you when buying online?

Hi! Sorry I missed this - it’s Talis Chains xx

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Definitely go try them in store! I like V and VI but worth checking first x

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