Ask Us Everything You Want to Know About Highlighter

From application tips to the best ones to use, ask us all of your questions about highlighters and we’ll pass them onto a top make-up artist to answer on site on the 4th of April.


What is the best way to apply a liquid highlighter for the most natural finish, without it stripping off the makeup underneath?!! Thanks!

Powder or liquid highlighter…Which would you recommend?

How do I choose the best colour liquid highlighter for my skin tone?!

I apply highlighter on the top of my cheeks & nose - am I missing anywhere for a real glow! Thanks x

What’s the best brush to use for a powder highlighter? I find the thin fan brushes don’t do it for me!

How can I make highlighter work for the day? I always feel a bit too glow-y when I use it. Any great formulas to know for a slightly more understated, office-appropriate look? x

Can I use face highlighter on my body too – or should it be a different texture?

I always mix mine in with my foundation – is this a good or terrible idea?

Sponge or brush when applying liquid highlighter? I always find mine looks very thick and cakey…

What’s the best highlighter for medium and deeper skin tones?

MUA Cat Parnell has answered all of your questions here: