At home food intolerance tests

Hi all, I’m looking for recommendations on at home food intolerance tests. Equally any recommendations for clinics in London would be helpful. Thank you!

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Definitely worth spending money and doing it properly at a clinic - home tests are notoriously unreliable. I would recommend doing it through a nutritionist. Have a look at the Rhitrition clinic and also Clarissa Lenherr, Eve Kalinik and The Gut Health Clinic (if gut related!) x


I had the York test but went through a nutritionist called Jolanta Addicott, she was 25 years a chemist prior to becoming a nutritionist and she’s wonderful. I would highly recommend her. I also had the DUTCH hormone test which was amazing. I did the York test for my son a couple of years ago through York test and found the consultation with Jolanta a lot more thorough.

DUTCH hormone testing is incredible! x

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