At home Laser Hair Removal/IPL?

Hi everyone! Super curios about your opinions on at home laser rather than going into a salon to get it done. I have light skin and really dark hair that annoys me, and some of my friends swear by Laser. Thoughts?


I’ve had salon laser. It definitely helped on my face. Lasers wont work on certsin skin/hair colour so youll need to do your research. The safest/cost effective route woukd be considering purchase of IPL unit. Philips Lumea is excellent. Boots often have huge discounts throughout the year.

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It’s so tricky, I personally would always recommend going into a salon. It can go wrong/damage skin and cause discolouration of skin if you get it wrong. I recommend Skn Clinics if you’re looking for somewhere to go…

They often have great bundles / prices x

I started with salon laser for about 5 sessions, and then after noticing the hair was much finer and patchier (I used to have very thick, coarse hair) I bought the Philip Lumea and now have just been using that for five-ish years or so which means I don’t have to go to the salon for yearly top-ups or anything like that. I use the Lumea maybe once every eight months and that keeps everything topped up (also share it with my mum and sister so together works out waaaay cheaper than us all having to pay for salon sessions)

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Its fab isn’t it :grinning:. Ive not epilated underarms for maybe a year. A few wispy hairs, thats it.