Authentic Indian Curry Recipes


Any recommendations for good authentic curry recipes - suitable for a few people (6+) and ideally something that can be prepared and cooked in advance and then frozen.


This book is amazing if you don’t own it already:

There is a recipe in there called Uncle Meherji’s Parsi -style chicken curry and it is now a go-to for me!

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Thank you!

@findlay113 Not a recipe but just some tips:

  1. Use whole spices that you toast and then grind - makes all the difference
  2. An authentic curry has layered flavours so think about how the recipe achieves that ideally, you would start with some whole spices that you fry in the oil, then add some aromatics, and then add ground spices later, finally topping off with fresh herbs
  3. Last tip is to make sure you cook off the onions and garlic, low and slow for as long as possible - ultimately you want to cook off the “raw” flavour!

Also… next day curry is ALWAYS better - the flavours sit and enhance so making it the day or a couple of days before will improve it!

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I love the Dishoom cookbook, but some of the recipes can be a bit time-intensive.

My friend bought me a couple of Meera Sodha books last year and everything I’ve tried from them has been excellent:

This sounds delicious!

Fabulous- thank you x

Just came across this, thanks so much for those tips - will definitely apply next time I make a curry!!

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Love these recs - I also love this cookbook and would also recommend youtube videos as there are so many easy to follow videos.

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This woman is amazing and cooks just like my mum. Very authentic (& easy to follow!)

I love this lady. She’s on Instagram

Also recommend