Bag, shoes and accessories for butter yellow dress?

I bought this dress from & Other Stories for a wedding in July. I need some help with accessories: bag, shoes and jewellery. I was debating going for black, but then thought maybe gold or even a bright pop of colour like red or green… but I’m struggling! Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Loz!

Tricky one… Black is too stark, gold would blend in, red might be too bright…
Metallic olive green would be great, but is hard to find.
Cream would work.

But how about a contrasting, but tonal copper colour?

Mango have some sandals and a nice soft, satin bag

Pilgrim have a good range of jewellery which would tone in with this theme.

And a cover-up for your shoulders.

Or here are some olive green options:

Shoes with matching clutch bag and a wrap.

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Lovely dress!
I would opt for a white strappy heel, raffia style clutch, then you could go for gold jewellery or even something with a pearl.

Some examples below:



Yes agree with Coco - love that combo!

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I love love love this colour at the moment
I think it goes so well big big gold statement jewellery but if that’s not your vibe, some dainty, sparkly pieces would also look lovely - as would silver in both styles for something a little more modern and cool

I love your idea of a pop of colour, red would be cool
maybe get a red bag in a beaded or raffia style to contrast the texture of the silky dress?x

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I would look at LK Bennett for shoes: they have a good choice to choose from:


For jewellery, you can include a touch of fuchsia, coral or blue. If too much, one can stick to classics such as pearls: