Bathroom decor advice

Need advice on bathroom decor.

Do you pick a good all rounder classic tile and then throw in something brighter? Or should I just stick to a neutral look using different textures?

I like a neutral look but there are some fantastic patterned and coloured tiles out there and would like to incorporate them but don’t want to get it wrong.

Any advice welcome! Thanks, Rachel.

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There are lots of tips in this feature from the experts, including tile advice.

If you want some colour and pattern but you’re nervous, personally I’d go for a patterned floor where it’s less ‘in your face’ when you walk in. you could also go fora subtly glazed tile which adds texture and interest but won’t overwhelm the space.

Thank you. That has totally answered my quandary. I’ve loved the look of so many tiles but every time I thought about them in the shower area it totally dominated the bathroom and I was just getting stuck. Thanks, Rachel.