Beagle puppy!

Sorry this might be a bit niche but I thought of this when I saw that Charlotte brings her cute beagle puppy into the office. My beagle is 1 year old but I struggle as he’s so excitable around other people - I’d never be able to bring him into the office. He barks non-stop. Any tips on how to calm him so that I might be able to be a bit more social with him? Also wondering how you deal with dog hairs? Mine moults everywhere and wondering if there are any tips to help with that?

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Hi! We were told by so many beagle owners that around the age of 2 their personality switches and they completely calm down and we found that to be totally true. He’s so much more relaxed now he’s a little bit older. I don’t bring him to the office very often, but i’ve found that when i do i need to give him the first 30 mins or so to get acquainted - he needs to say hi to everyone, have a good sniff, and then generally he does completely chill - especially if I have a bed next to me for him. Controlling barking is trickier - we tend to have more problems around other dogs than humans - but i’ve found TikTok full of really helpful advice for training him out of that, so definitely have a search there. Re moulting - no velvet furniture, no dark clothes near the dog! An unfortunate consequence of having a gorgeous beagle xx

Does he bark non-stop when meeting people or generally? Also, how much exercise does he get? Did you take him to puppy classes or any kind of obedience class when you got him?