Beauty and make up transition post menopause

Do you have any tips or recommendations for make up post menopause. I am struggling transitioning what suited 5 years ago really doesn’t now, am stuck. I still want to look relevant but don’t want to end up clown looking.

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While I haven’t experienced this specifically, I can totally relate to wanting to switch up your make-up for changing skin and trends! I’d first try to understand your skin type (incase it has changed post-menopause) and try to select products that work best for this.

In terms of looking relevent - luckily these days a natural look is really having a moment - so I’d focus on a lightwight but hydrating base that makes your skin look and feel its best. Perhaps try a foundation formulated with a skin-care enhanced ingredients like the YSL Nu Tint.

Then I’d just go for a natural flush on the cheeks with blusher and focus it higher on your cheekbones so that it adds a bit of a glow too - that glossy look is also really current. Less is more here! Use your favourite mascara and brow products (I feel like you rarely need to change these up!).

Then, if you want to add a little something extra for the evenings, a cream eyeshadow crayon is so easy to just draw on and blend our even with your fingers and The Vieve Eye Wands are really nice for this.

My main advice (as annoying as it is since it takes some time) is to just play around with a few bits and see what you feel your most confident self in, and what your skin reacts well to x

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