Beauty pie hair products

Anyone tried any of the beauty pie hair products :thinking: please?

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I swear by this product
works wonders!


thanks :slight_smile:

Yes and love them!

This especially is great at boosting hair hydration x

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I’ve tried I think two or three things.

Detox wash; made with charcole and comes out black. It didn’t darken my hair but it also didn’t seem to do an awful lot for me. I usually use Olaplex clarifying, Shu Uemura oil shampoo or Head and Shoulders RX range if I feel I need a clarifying wash, they work, the detox wash just wasn’t enough for my hair when I used it and I didn’t really find it did anything for me.

Hairbrush- I bought the paddle brush. It’s a really nice brush, but it is very large and I’d say the bristles are too close together for a large brush like that, I wish it was about 1/2 to 2/3 of the size and I wish it came with a brush cleaner as it quickly gathers hair up! The paddle brush is too large for short hair, if you have short hair you’re better off with a round brush, I’d recommend medium but I’ve not tried those- seen them in real life, but not tried them. If you have long hair though, the paddle brush is a decent brush. It feels a big weighty and maybe not for travel but it’s great for being at home.

The Re-elastic treatment. That is a good one to buy- I definitely notice the difference when using it. I don’t use it every day- I’d worry about build up, it doesn’t coat my hair but I can see how unfrizzy it is after using it, how well it behaves, and I can only imagine there must be product in there even if I can’t feel it because I can see it. It does demolish the waves in my hair so bare that in mind, but if frizz and damaged looking hair is your issue this works well for it.

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Thanks, really appreciate your honesty so helpful

do you use any other beauty pie products?