Beauty pie

Any recommendations for newbie to beauty pie?


Everything!! The micropeeling drops are amazing. The undereye brightener as well. The face powder. All the moisturisers. Daily cleanser. You’ll love everything, the only thing I didn’t love was the mascara. The nail polishes punch way above their price too

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hi how do claim the free 3 months? thanks


I have the same question!!!

Hi Lex & Tess

Thank you for your question!

We will send a confirmation email if you were successful on Monday - there will be a link to redeem the free 3-month membership.

Keep your eyes peeled!


I had the same question also, will look out on Monday. I’ve been dying to try BeautyPie for a while- I’ve heard so may good things :slight_smile:

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Me too!

This one? Superluminous™ Under-eye Genius

Featherlight SPF and the wondergloss lip oils are my favs from beauty pie x

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Same question re BP subscription! X

Yes that’s the one. It’s really good

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I’ve never tried anything before but hopefully l will be able to try something if I get the trial!

Their retinol serums are really nicely formulated and (imho) the hero products of the brand. I find them to be gentle but effective. The mists are also great if you like that sort of thing. Sadly the BP membership has become a bit too expensive and there are some great affordable brands out there that deliver similar results.

Love this. Best under eye concealer ever- always buy in bulk when run out

Obsessed with the Super Healthy Skin body moisturiser - there’s nothing else like it. Plus, it smells insane x

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Oh my god SO many goodies! I love

I got through two jars of that stuff it’s so good

I also really rate Beauty Pie fragrances - Le Smash Santal was amazing but unsure if now discontinued

AND its new Super Luminous skin tint - so good. Honestly Beauty Pie really is worth the membership x

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Ooohhh collagen cream??? I am missing out!!!

I’m such a fan of Beauty Pie… these are my go to products I order regularly

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I absolutely love their lip products and this one in particular i think looks great on all skin tones:

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Ah! You recommend the SPF? I’m thinking of buying…