Beauty products suitable for pregnancy

Hello there! a 7 month pregnant woman here struggling to find beauty products suitable for pregnancy!there are many products that use ingredients not pregnancy-friendly. Also same in terms of make up.

Has anyone have recommendations? - I knew about the Charlotte’s Tillbury beautiful skin foundation, but unfortunately, is not giving me the effect I would like to, and I don’t know any other foundation pregnancy friendly. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance and greetings from Barcelona (Spain) :slight_smile:

Hi Beatriz,

The entire Odylique range of certified organic skincare and makeup (minus Muscle Ease Massage Oil and Mosimix Body Oil) is safe and recommended for use during pregnancy! The range is dedicated specially to sensitive skin which is great for any pregnancy skin concerns,.

Please see the website here -

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We’ve previously written about what is and isn’t safe for pregnancy beauty: 7 Things To Remember About Pregnancy Beauty | SheerLuxe

Really hope this can help! Also what brands some of our insiders used and loved while pregnant here:

For skincare, Biossance is brilliant! x

I used the ‘Natural birthing company’ oil to prevent stretch marks and bare by vogue tan is pregnancy friendly.