Becoming an influencer

Hi Polly! As we have you for one day only I was really hoping you could give us some tips on becoming an influencer. I know this is a massive topic, but can you give any advice to someone who is just starting out? For example, should I build up a portfolio of content before going live online, or just upload as I go along? Would love to hear any advice you have - thank you so much!

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Hello! Of course - I think the industry has evolved a lot since I started out but some of my top tips are:

  1. Find out what your niche is and stick to it (I’d say you want MAXIMUM 3 things you focus on, whether that’s fashion, beauty, travel, interiors… etc)
  2. Consistency - I don’t think you need to build up a portfolio of content per se, just start posting and be consistent with it.
  3. Create content that serves people in some way - it could be aesthetically pleasing, funny or have a bunch of really great tips on something, but always ask yourself what the take away is for someone following you.
  4. Cliche but do it because you love it, not because you want to become an influencer/get free stuff!! I really think these days authenticity and relatability is key so just be yourself and post about what you’re passionate about.

Hope that helps - good luck! x