Best Affordable Hoovers

We’re on the hunt for a good - but not overly expensive - hoover. Preferably one that’s under £100… or even less given just two of us rattling around. Does anyone know of any that get the job done and are easy to store away as well?

I have this one which is quite good! Bush Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner

Similar to the Dyson cordless

I think unless you’re going for an expensive Dyson, a traditional cord one will last longer / have a stronger suction.
JL do some great ones for under £100 -

Honestly, we have a Henry (actually it’s a pink ‘Hetty’ as it was £10 cheaper!) and think it’s better than other much more expensive ones I’d used before. It’s a bit of a pain doing the stairs, but otherwise works a treat!

I never thought I would be excited over a hoover but I really can’t rate ours more. It’s cordless, has great suction, comes with so many different nozzles plus it splits in half so you can store it away so easily. It is more spenny but we got it 40% off so its worth checking as seems to be on sale quite often. here’s the link on amazon: but