Best coffee beans?

I got a Sage Barista Express coffee machine for Christmas and am on the hunt for some great beans that don’t cost the earth. They need to be as fresh as possible (ideally roasted within the last month) and ideally no more than £10 per 200g. Even better if you can buy in bulk! Any other tips for using the Sage Barista Express also most welcomed… x

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I use Rave coffee - love them! Also my local coffee shop Hermanos beans you can buy online are so good


These beans are so good Tor

as is Monmouth coffee - never not a huge queue outside in borough market Buy Coffee Online | Monmouth Coffee Company

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We are big coffee lovers in my household.
We love ordering the Ozone Empire blend. It’s £8.50 for 250g and is a medium light roast. They do some lovely single origins too. Order on their website. They have a lovely store in london and do great brunch if you were ever near the area.

Really good affordable coffee is a brand called: Coffee Real. Can buy in bulk too. We love it for everyday.

Another great option for good coffee is: Kiss the Hippo, they do great coffee.

More expensive is: round tree roastry and square Mile.
Happy shopping!

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2nd Monmouth, and they have just launched pods! x


We have a Sage coffee machine too and I’d highly recommend Union Bright Note (we buy from Ocado and it’s often on offer - you can buy large bags). It really is delicious.

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Terrone & Co are a roastery based in North London who source beans from all over the world. I just finished a bag of Indonesian coffee which was delicious! They have coffee from Costa Rica, Brazil, Ethiopia, Honduras etc and they offer a subscription so you can mix and match. I got a bag of whole beans and another one ground for a V60 but they can also grind to espresso, aeropress, French press and moka. Definitely a good one!

Hi @TorWest do you recommend the Sage coffee machine? Thanks!

Ooh some great recommendations here, that I will have to try. I personally really rate Caravan coffee. A 200g bag is about £8.

I do! It’s taken a while to get the hang of but it’s very easy to use (after watching lots of YouTube videos!) and surprisingly compact. I have the Sage Barista Express. x

I bought some coffee beans from kiss the hippo… they were amazing! Thanks for the recommendation, x

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Pleasure!! Xx

Take a look at monsoon estates. You can order online for delivery. They have won many great taste awards and personally I love their coffee.

Nothing fancy, but Lavazza beans purchased from Amazon on repeat subscription cost £11/kg. Coffee is very good, have been using in my bean to cup machine for over 5 years now. Good espresso and long coffees.

We purchased the Sage Barista last year and OMG it has been the best kitchen gadget ever. Coffee has never tasted so good. I buy coffee from Mindful Coffee - we find their beans fantastic - we tried quite a few different companies. The beans are also mycotoxin free. Enjoy.

Highly recommend their Kenyan blend

I had to log in to comment after seeing this topic :slight_smile:

You have a brilliant coffee machine and some great suggestions already. If you haven’t tried them already, I would recommend Grind. Having tried many beans for years, Grind are always consistent (always a plus point for a newbie coffee brewer), have a reliable subscription method and excellent customer service. I have been a loyal customer for years and recommend family and friends who also love their beans. They also do compostable coffee pods, which are great for holidays if your room has an espresso machine.

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