Best comfy Hoodie and Jogger sets?

Hey SL,

Hope everyone is good! I’ve been on the hunt for a tracksuit/hoodie/joggers set for ages now and I can’t find one I like. I loved the grey world picante set but it sold out and they aren’t bringing it back.

Does anyone have any brands they like? This weather is giving me full cosy season!


I live in the Adanola sweatshirts and joggers:

Really recommend for comfort and they look fab too x


I second this - Adanola tracksuits are great!

Life Of Ease is so good for tracksuits! I have some really nice ones. Picante also - theirs are super cool.

Another vote for Adanola here!

I also love Sporty & Rich – it’s more on the expensive side but I think worth the investment

Keep an eye on Picante as they’re always releasing new designs and their hoodies are amazing if you can get your hands on one you like x

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Yes to Sporty and Rich - their colours are always so good! And Life of Ease!!

I don’t think you can beat raey’s tracksuits off matches! xx

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Agreed! Can’t go wrong with Adanola x

I love getting to know about all these amazing brands and places to shop and will definitely be trying a few soon!

For now though, M&S is my go-to for a bit of quiet luxury that doesn’t cost the earth !

Cashmere and Cotton are my fav comfy cosy fabrics for lounging

I like both these ranges of matching joggers and hoodies for the variety of colours, and the cotton rich ones are affordable enough that I can get them in multiple sizes for different fits (i.e. regular or smaller size for a more fitted look or a bigger size for an oversized)


Thank you so much everyone!

Arket also has good quality sets x

always agreed on adanola!

I also rate topshop on asos for joggers and hoodies Topshop straight leg jogger in grey marl | ASOS x

Picante for hoodies and Adenola for joggers set.

Another vote for Adanola! Another favourite is Sisters and Seekers, worth checking out!