Best cures for bloating

Any recommendations for bloating (PMT related and just in general)? Anyone tried the JS Health detox + debloat vitamins?


milk thistle extract is said to be really good, as is drinking peppermint tea. I’ve tried JS health too and do really rate it x


I was also struggling with this and started taking daily greens powder (Free Soul, Rheal and Shreddy all do good ones) and it has DEFINATELY made a difference!

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Thanks so much so helpful. Will give the Free Soul a go! X

I do agree on the FS greens - I can really feel a difference with those! But it’s also worth looking at diet changes that might be causing the bloating, I generally get more bloated when eating high fodmap itmes (chickpeas, lentils, onion, garlic etc) so always helps to reduce the intake of those.

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I bang on about this a lot but I swear by it!


Agreed - this and Kefir every morning really have made a difference for me!

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Can I ask what this tastes like? I really struggle with low abdominal bloating and need something !

Hi Emily, Ive just bought the Artah digest & bloat, I’ll let you know!

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Great, keep me posted!

Gin-Gin candies are really good for bloating, indigestion and nausea and they taste yummy!

The Nue Co is meant to be good. I’ve used but can’t say it helped noticeabley for me but I used once and might need more time… I’m thinking of trying again and fyi offer here

Hi @Mia_Luckie can you please share more abkut what it helped with?

Hi Emily, barely tastes of anything! I put it in water and just drink it like that and it’s fine and works! You can also add to fruit tea if you prefer. Hope that helps x


  • Apple cider vinegar is good
  • All the C’s - cumin, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, curcumin (turmeric) - you can make a tea
  • Can also try massaging your Ileocecal valve daily - really helps!
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A big recommendation of mine is the nue co pro and pre biotics.
I take two as soon as I get up and no eat for 30 mins after (ish), they really have changed my life. I used to suffer with bloating so terribly but it is very rare I do now.