Best dancing bars in London

I’m looking for really fun and chilled dancing bars in London - preferably Soho area but anywhere acceptable.
Not looking for extortionate prices or full on nightclubs - just somewhere you can have a great time with a friend and a good dance.


Archers Street is always fun!


We’ve gone there on a few SL nights out! Always fun.

The little Scarlet Door on Greek Street has a bar with dancefloor downstairs - we had a friend’s birthday there and it was so much fun to dance!


Soho Residence always has a fun vibe!

I love Cahoots in Soho! Haven’t been for a while but so good for a fun evening

Also the escapologist in covent garden!

another vote for archer street! cheesy but fun :slight_smile:


100 Wardour Street

Keen to try Scarlet Door! I also love The Little Orange Door in Clapham and The Little Blue Door in Fulham - really fun vibe and interiors

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Any of the Little Door bars are super fun! I think there’s blue, orange, yellow and scarlet all over london and they’re great!

The Maine, Bardo both have party vibes!