Best Deep Red Lip

Looking for a deep red lipstick or liquid lip!

Nothing with a purple tone, or a postbox red, it’s more of a deep red / burgundy I’m looking for (and struggling to find)!


I really like Mac’s DIVA –

If you’re struggling, I’d track down a Mac shop/counter to try the different shades. They have so many, I’m sure they’ll have something that suits you.

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This is my kind of question!

The shade ‘Control’ from Laura Mercier is a personal favourite of mine:

I also love ‘Velvet Duchess’ by Lisa Eldridge

And for a liquid lip:

This is lovely and really plumps lips up


Becky’s rec is the only rec you need for a red lip!

i rate the lip creams from NYX - think this one would look so good for a xmas party NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream (Various Shades) | Cult Beauty