Best facial exfoliators?

Looking for a good facial exfoliator to use weekly as my makeup hasn’t been applying as well recently and because think my current one is too gentle so wondered which ones are good?


I LOVE the Fresh sugar face polish. I only use it once a week as it’s fairly rough (in a good way), but my make-up always looks its best the day I’ve used it. And it smells great too.

Another vote for Fresh! I love the Strawberry Face Polish, super gentle but effective,

I rate Exfolikate by Kate Somerville . I also like sally Philips version for a cheaper option

My HG is Dermalogica Superfoliant. Use twice a week and build up from there as needed. A fab product that keeps my skin smooth and blemish-free!

another vote for Fresh! I love that oneeee

I also use a tool like a foreo with a normal cleanser and love how deeply it cleanses my skin x

Ahh amazing thanks so much guys!! xx

I love Paula’s Choice Liquid Exfoliant:

Still think it’s the best!

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For a physical exfoliant- the dermologica daily micro foliant is amazing!

I love The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Cleansing Polish. It has a fruity fragrance and is extremely effective at smoothing skin.

Would recommend checking out Monday Muse powder exfoliated
Found this very good … but pricy but lasts a long time
Can be used 1 to 4 times a week
Gentle but very effective

I use Dr Levy micro-resurfacing cleanser. This is technically a facial exfoliator but I use it every day (as Dr Levy says you can) and use much more when I want to properly exfoliate. This has revolutionised my skin and I buy on repeat! It’s £39 but lasts for ages


I think alongside an exfoliator it’s defo worth getting an electric exfoliator, I’ve used mine consistently and it really helped my skin texture:

ohh such a good shout!! thankyou!!! x

I second the Paula’s choice!

If it’s also congestion and texture that’s the issue the ordinary glycolic acid toner really worked for me - i just swiped it onto my skin after cleansing each night!

Second this x

I have used a liquid exfoliator for years ,the brand is called Alpha H & its called Liquid gold its amazing and you will see results after the first use,i highly recommend this product, all you have to do is apply to freshly cleansed skin ,apply up to 6 drops on a cotton wool pad then go to sleep, its especially for sensitive skin,it is a Australian brand but i often get mine from QVC as its cheaper most of the time. It truly is a dessert island product for me,hope this helps as you can spend so much money on trying different products, this is a game changer!

Check out ALPHA H,its a liquid exfoliator its brilliant ive been using it for years all you do is put approx 6 drops on a cotton wool pad onto freshly cleansed skin and go to sleep ,wake up to lovely bright glowing skin,its a Australian brand i highly recommend, hope this helps,the bottle lasts a long time aswell good luck!