Best mid range faux flowers and/or plants


Wondering anyone could recommend any large faux plants? I travel a lot and cannot keep my indoor plants alive!!! I have looked at the inexpensive to the high end products online. After ordering a few I realise that online pictures don’t always reflect the quality of the product. If anyone has found an amazing product please let me know!

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


My mum has a few arrangements from Bloom. They look very realistic!

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I am also on the hunt for some quality faux flowers, so following this thread with interest! The best I’ve found so far are White Company and Oka but would love to know if anyone has any more affordable options that don’t look cheap. It’s tricky to see online… x

i have a tree from Oka which looks fab! here

I love Ett Hem for faux flowers! They look so real and they do the most amazing arrangements.


I would recommend dried stems/flowers over silk - they’re much more affordable, you don’t need to worry about whether they look realistic and the colours don’t fade in the sun.

They also give an upmarket countryside vibe - think Heckfield Place.

My favourite for dried stems is Hudson Home

For better quality silk/faux, you can’t beat Neptune


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I like to buy flowers/foliage that looks chic when it dies… dark hydrangeas (like the lovely purple ones that are out there now) look amazing for over a year after, eucalyptus can go a few months as can silver birch branches. Just don’t put the latter two in water xx

I have a few from bloomingartificial and the quality is great, I have a huge 6ft Monstera plant that everyone always thinks is real.

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Lathams in Epping, Essex has a really great selection of faux flowers and greenery in store and full of inspiration for arrangements etc! X

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Wayfair have loads on offer right now:

I’m an interior designer and we always use plants from RTfact Flowers and Blooming Artificial in our rooms where real plants might not quite survive
Blooming Artificial
RTFact Flowers