Best place for basic Tees

I’ve just had a huge wardrobe clear out and identified the thing I’m really missing is some good quality basic T-shirts…. Any recommendations?


Always COS for me! Arket are really good to, but I prefer the COS ones as they are a slightly heavier fabric


Cos and Arket are the best for the basic tees.


Uniqlo AIRism are my go to! They also have really good cropped ones as well

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I find the Uniqlo Men’s basic tees are great - really nice tucked into jeans or under a blazer. Also COS is great.

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This one! xx

Cos/Arket/Uniqlo are great for basic tees! xx

I always buy this clean cut style from COS

Definitely Cos and Arket, but also Margaret Howell.

Buck Mason. They’re great! They’ve got several styles and not made in China!

Also a huge fan of COS!

Whistles double neck is the best I’ve found, neckline not too high and washes well.