Best tips for getting married abroad

Hi everyone – I’m curious if anyone has got married abroad and what tips they’d share with other brides looking to do the same, especially in Europe, places like Spain, Italy, France etc. Things like did you hire a dedicated wedding planner? How did you get around the language barrier? What about licensing and doing it legally here first. All tips very much appreciated!!


LAKE UOMO, ITALY. The view is just stunning! I love the muted colors of the water and the montauins. It gives a vivid constrast with white and pastels, which for me are the best tones for a beautiful one. Not to mention the architecture!

We recently renewed our vows in Barbados and would definitely recommend having a dedicated planner who communicates with you and updates you regularly- your eyes on the ground!!
I don’t think the language barrier is likely to be too much of an issue as I’m sure most reputable event planners will have worked with international clients before :slight_smile:
If you have time you may want to take quick trip to your destination to meet a few planners and do a bit of a reccy.
A couple of £100 for a short break is 100% worth it for your peace of mind!

For the legal marriage check out Getting married abroad - GOV.UK
and Marriages and civil partnerships in England and Wales: Check if you can get married or form a civil partnership - GOV.UK

Getting married at the Registry Office before your wedding day is a very personal choice. While some say it takes away from the excitement and romance of your big day, I personally found the quiet of it just being the two of us, our two witnesses and our youngest son made it such that we could fully immerse ourselves in the moment. It was very intimate and completely about us.
There is so much going on on the wedding day and you’re literally on show from the moment you wake up! So getting married before this, I felt we could actually enjoy the day and each other. It’s also a great excuse to have more than one wedding outfit!!

For your peace of mind it also may be worth investing in wedding insurance and also paying on a credit card that offers protection on payments made on it. Don’t pay any monies until you’re happy with the service being provided!

Something to also be mindful of, is having to manage and deal with all your guests who have come a long way for you (for at least 2 days if they arrive the day before and leave the day after your wedding). You literally have to have your First Lady hat on 24/7 and there is little or no room, except behind closed doors to be a Bridezilla! As big and as special a day as it is for you it’s not worth ruining relationships over.
Oh, and don’t forget to have a last pre-wedding date with your fiancé!
Have fun and enjoy yourself every step of the way on this beautiful journey!!

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For Italy theres a great platform called LaLista which give a lot of advice around this! Trusted planners, budget guides etc. We debated it but eventually decieded against. Hope that helps!