Big candles for living room

I’m on the hunt for a candle that is large and smells gorgeous. And doesn’t cost hundreds! Any recs are welcome :slight_smile: thank you


I don’t think you can beat Neom in terms of prices too:

Lots are discounted at mo as well!

These aren’t necessarily large candles, but I honestly LOVE the below brands. Nature’s Journey is affordable and its Restore scent honestly knocks you out - in a good way, so soothing: - the whole office loves these

Also really rate Cloon Keen:

They come in amazing, large silver jars you can reuse with beautiful scents

And finally, Sunday of London:

I can’t get enough of those and they burn for hours!


OH! And I love this brand:

New and really cool-looking - great for gifts.

Can you tell i love a candle?


I always go to homesense for big candles that don’t cost loads x


The White Company have a great selection of candles. I love their 3 wicks.


This is over the hundred pound mark but i promise you won’t be disappointed…
I got one of these for christmas (the black dish) it looks amazing on my coffee table and dining table (I move it depending on if I have guests haha!) and I can see it lasting for months!! and once it’s done I plan to clean it out and use the bowl, win win!


TK Maxx always have a huge selection and loads of sizes and prices!


Melt do really gorgeous chunky candles in a wide range of scents.
They make the room smell wonderful, even when not lit.

You need to be looking at the formats ‘Short and Fat’ or ‘Tall and Fat’.

Anthropologie do a great range of candles, aesthetically pleasing too!

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I love the Santa Maria Novella scented candles as well as the Geodesis

Also have a look at these Maltese brand which makes beautiful candles:

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Thank you all so much for recommendations :heart:

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I like Neom and Joseph Sandell are really nice and very good price

Melissa Wilkes England

I went into Anthro this weekend and these statement candles were dreamy!*o1n7c9*_up*MQ..&gclid=Cj0KCQiAwbitBhDIARIsABfFYIL71UDjBlasirrJaGI6UG4Bf7EPYfJwH8S7C5ucRsEfuR1DKb1HeIgaAtBOEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&type=REGULAR&size=S&quantity=1*o1n7c9*_up*MQ..&gclid=Cj0KCQiAwbitBhDIARIsABfFYIL71UDjBlasirrJaGI6UG4Bf7EPYfJwH8S7C5ucRsEfuR1DKb1HeIgaAtBOEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&type=REGULAR&size=S&quantity=1

Not sure how big your living room is and if you want a big candles for visual impact or if you feel you need one to scent the room however, I swear by Diptyque (Classic Scented Candles 190g | diptyque Paris Official). Their classic candle size is fine for my downstairs which is open plan so not small, the smells are divine, the candles last for ages and they come in at under £100.

It’s always a bit hit and miss but it’s always worth a trip to T.K.Maxx and Homesense to see what they have on offer.

Alternatively I really like this candle from Rowen.

Deffo agree with this, I have found some really nice three wick candles in T.K Maxx

I always pop into homesense for big candles as they do soo many at such a reasonable price x

Second this! Always worth a look in Home Sense / TK Maxx

Rituals do some gorgeous fragrances in their private collection range. Very reasonably priced too. My favourite is Savage Garden