Biotin supplements worth the money?

My hair seems to be in poor condition post pregnancy and from years of bleach. I’ve now stepped away from the bleach, but wondered if Biotin was worth the money?

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I am unable to comment from a post pregnancy perspective, but I seem to have really fine hair that is prone to breakage, I have been using the Kerastese serum (Gensis), and started to notice a difference in 4 weeks, I also take the JS health hair and energy caspules and noticed small results too

Thank you, will look in to both of these.

I really recommend Viviscal, it’s an incredible hair growth supplement. I’d also look into a good-quality collagen supplement (Vida Glow is great!) and a product like K18, K18 leave-in molecular repair hair mask – K18HAIR UK which is expensive but lasts about a year as you only use a tiny amount each time x