Black Pointed-Toe Flats/ Low Heels for the Office

Hi Florence! I’m looking for a pair of black pointed-toe flats or a low kitten heel that I can wear to the office now that it’s basically spring outside (and my boots are too warm - crazy!). Something that adds a point of interest but still goes with pretty much any outfit. Thank you - love your style and content! X

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Hi! Oh thank you that’s very kind,

Do you have a budget in mind? On the high street I’ve noticed that H&M have some good new shoes right now. These give a Gucci look and are from the premium section, so made from leather meaning they should be comfortable.

There are also some good low kitten heel options, I like this patent style.

I think these on Massimo Dutti are also so chic!


Thanks so much! That Massimo Dutti pair look fab. You asked about budget - I don’t really have one in mind, and am happy to invest in a really good pair as I plan on wearing them all through the season x

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I would also take a look at Neous!

This style are similar to the Massimo, I love the toe cap style.

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Ooh those are cute! Love them - thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

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I would advise you to check your workplace’s rules on footwear, as some will not allow backless shoes on Health & Safety grounds - trip hazard, risk of injury to heel etc.

How about these by by Dune? - Pointed toe, low heel, snaffle trim adds interest: