Black Tie Dresses

Where do you go to for black tie dresses? I’m struggling to find something that isn’t fast fashion or £2000+! Thank you!

Black tie is more about a style than a specific dress - as long as it’s long, a smart fabric (ie not cotton/linen/jersey etc) and you accessorise it well, you can find something fab on the high street. I wore this in pink to a wedding recently - the black would be perfect for black tie

if you’re after something more sustainable (remember expensive doesn’t necessarily = not fast fashion) why not rent something - i love these

Or any large department store like John Lewis, Debenhams, House of Fraser etc.
Some small independent boutiques have nice one-offs.

Years ago, Black Tie meant a long evening dress, but now any cocktail dress or even velvet / sequin jumpsuit is fine, provided you dress it up with the right accessories.

we ran this on friday