Black Wool Cape Coats

Cape coats- are they worth purchasing this season? Wanted one for a few years now but now not sure? Any advise? And to style?

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I think they look really nice, and black can definitely elevate your outfits. I also think they look really nice belted to cinch in the waist (if it does not come with a belt already). Jigsaw currently have some great cape (or more of a poncho) styles in the sale x


I’ve actually seen quite a few cape and scarf style coats. They always look good with a pair of leather shorts, tights and some boots or a pair of long leather trousers:

Oh my gosh, thank you! Great in tale! x

I love that there are so many more now on the high street!

I saw this cape/jumper from zara and think it would be such an easy way to nod to the trend


oh my, I LOVE this! So perfect for work! It’s in the basket now…thank you! x

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I love this one from Cos! it’s in my basket…


Another vote from me for the COS, so chic!