Blotting Paper Recommendations

Would love to hear what everyone’s fav brands for blotting papers are - there’s so many out there, it’s overwhelming!! Just want to tone down the oily shine on my face on the go.

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I love these ones from Tatcha

I find they don’t disturb my make up at all!

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Ohh these look great, thank you!!

This volcanic roller works wonders Revlon Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Roller - Boots

So useful when you’re on the go plus reusable too xx

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tatcha do great ones but a hack is to go to those little korean beauty stores in central - as they’ve got great ones x

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I love these:

Have used for years!

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The ones from Muji are great x

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I dind’t even know Muji does beauty stuff, how fun!

Amazing thank you!

Ohh yes have been wanting to go to one of those anyways!

Love this!

yes! so good! & love the simple packaging x

I can confirm that the Tatcha ones are really good.

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Thank you!