Blue Paint Colours For Downstairs Loo

Hi all, I am looking to decorate a downstairs loo and on the hunt for a great blue paint. Pretty sure I want something pale (I have my eye on a couple of Lick’s pale blue shades), but would love to hear any recommendations anyone has. There are no windows in the room so wondering if something darker may work better, but I love the idea of something pale. The tiles on the floor and around the sink (which won’t be changed) are a dark brown/terracotta so the colour will need to work with these. Thanks all - open to paint brands and specific shades! x

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Dulux Heritage do some lovely blues, I have used their paint throughout my flat and love the rich finish it gives.
If we are talking specific blues from Dulux Heritage I would choose either:

Copenhagen Blue

Sky Blue

Both are lovely shades and will go beautifully with earthy browns / terracotta!

Don’t be afraid to go bright, as you said the space is small and bright colours do well in small spaces with little light.

Good luck in your search! x

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This is hugely helpful, thank you Chloe! Love the look of Copenhagen Blue. Thanks so so much x

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brown/terracotta and blue is a great combo. Lucy Williams’ painted her living room in pale blue and the sofa is brown -

You can see it in the feature here

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