Body scrub recommendations?

Hey, I’m looking for a brightening body scrub to help with my keratosis pillars on my arms and would love some recs! Was thinking of trying the Kate Somerville body scrub but if anyone has any better suggestions I’m all ears.
Thanks, from Ellie


II think Neom do scrubs really well - I love this for everyday

And this for a couple of times a week

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Oh my god I could wax lyrical about Kate Somerville’s - this is my fave:

It’s expensive but you only need a bit and it completely dissolves dead skin cells. I am always super soft after!

For something a bit more affordable, I recommend Naturium xx


This one from Aveeno is cheap and cheerful, and is effective whilst being gentle on skin Aveeno Skin Renewal Gentle Body Scrub 200ml - Boots

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Agree with Becky!

I love a good body scrub! I used to get a lot of KP bumps so have tried quite a few products to help and First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub really has made the most long term difference - even when I’ve run out and don’t use for a little while the bumps don’t come back like they used to! I also second the Real Luxury one from Neom for a treat. x

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I love this one:

However also very keen to try the Kate Somerville one!

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I have KP too & have found the First Aid Beauty scrub to be brilliant. My arms are much softer and less red. Make sure you rinse properly and use a good nourishing body moisturiser afterwards.

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This stuff is literally magic - it’s a physical and chemical exfoliator and that double whammy will get rid of KP so quickly!

I LOVE this stuff – really nice to put on before a shower:

I ended up getting the Naturism one and absolutely loving the results, but the smell is a bit off-putting …