Body Suncream For Sensitive Skin

Hi! Does anyone have any recommendations for body suncream for sensitive skin?

I always seem to break out a bit on my chest when using a lot of suncreams – even from brands like La Roche-Posay which are meant to be for sensitive skin!

I go away on holiday next week so keen to try something new

Thanks! x

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I really love this:

Are you breaking out or is it heat rash? Xx


Thanks so much Becky, will check this out!

It’s definitely a break out, this happens with some body moisturisers too annoyingly! x

I highly rate Beauty of Joseon Rice Pro-Biotics SPF 50 and this Benton sunscreen:

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Thank you! x

I like the Naked Sundays SPF50 Glow Body Mist

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I’m a big fan of lancaster suncreams!

And sun bum

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Hi. Boots soltan. Great protection and great tan x

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I find La Roche Posay good x

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