Bodysuit Styling

I’ve just bought a bodysuit that is super pretty and I can wear without a bra (yay!) but I’m quite chesty and I usually dress fairly modest. I’ve always been a fan of the ‘underwear as outerwear’ trend but no idea how to style it without feeling half naked!

This is the bodysuit I’ve gone for:

Any advice on how to style this would be much appreciated!


I usually style a black oversized blazer over a bodysuit like this, I like how you can show some of it but also feel fairly covered up at the same time. I usually then add high waisted but relaxed denim (either blue or black) and then either boots or heels, depending on the occasion. You can also add some fun/statement earrings so all attention isn’t on the bodysuit! x

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I actually have all of these things in my wardrobe and when I put them all together it works! Not my usual style but its so flattering :heart_eyes: thank you so much! X

That’s great to hear x

Totally agree with Florence and sometimes I find that a white shirt half buttoned or an organza, sheer shirt is a chic way to style it during the day or for something more relaxed. x

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Ooh love this idea. The blazer outfit was great for our date night but a shirt over the top would be great for daytime. Thanks so much! X