Book review option

Dear Sherri,

I hope this message finds you well

. I am writing to request your assistance with reviewing a riveting latest book read… “Finding Angels” through the SL book club review.

I found ‘Finding Angels’ , alike Eat Pray Love (as did a reviewer of the book resonate with - see review below), but from a mans perspective. He writes with transparency, sensuality and charm when describing his sexual encounters/romances with women. Asides from this Cypriots man extraordinary life experiences, lifestyle and colourful creative opportunities in life, it was mostly inspiring and insightful at the same time. I think your book reviewers would devour this book in their reviews and give them in-depth food for thought. It has certainly caused a few interesting conversations at my local book club!
I’m quoting from the review by a book publisher, Alexandra Eritsyan

A book full of magical stories, the kind of stories that would make a Netflix hit series, a fairytale for grown humans who crave a bit of mystery, passion and craziness in life. An easy and captivating read, it’s a one man’s extraordinarily journey through life, real and imaginary, that reads a bit like Eat, Pray, Love - if only it was written from a male perspective, and by a man who comes from the opposite of New York - Cyprus, a small island in the Mediterranean.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your response and hope that “Finding Angels” will captivate your interest, like it did mine.

Warm regards,

Elizabeth Kirrane