Boston recommendations

I’m visiting Boston for 5 days in Spring. Sights to see, restaurants and bar recommendations most welcome

I’ve always wanted to go to Boston and New England! I’ve heard great things about the lobster rolls at Neptune Oyster, and really want to see inside the public library and visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner art museum and ICA. And when you’re in America, you need to see some sport so go and see a baseball game at Fenway Park!


I just visited a friend there and it is beautiful right now! Beacon Hill Books is a great bookstore that just opened with 4 levels and a restaurant underneath. A great cafe nearby is Tatte and lots of fun shopping along the street.

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I went to an ice hockey match in Boston years ago and it was brilliant!


Boston native here :slight_smile: as a visitor, I would definitely recommend grabbing a coffee at Thinking Cup on Tremont St and walking through Boston Common (or The Commons to us). A great stroll, make your way across to Charles St in Beacon Hill and walk through the side streets, absolutely beautiful. Head through the Public Garden side with the pond and then over the bridge to Newbury St which is a fun time, a bit chaotic. A lot of restaurants and bars you can disregard but I love a good martini at Joes and a cocktail at Contessa.
I would also recommend checking out the South end, my favorite area for great restaurants, bars, and a few cute shops. Bow Market in Somerville is my fave, a very cool market built into old shipping containers with stores, food stalls, and a great wine bar.
Have fun! Spring hopefully will be nice weather.