Braces for teens - private or nhs?

My daughter is finally ready for much needed braces - I’ve been told she can get them on the NHS but will have to still wait approx 6 months for final teeth to come through & then get full metal train tracks. Or we can pay £4,500 (!!) to go privately, but have them done immediately and they’ll be clear braces. Does anyone have any experience of braces - are there any other pros / cons to NHS -v- private routes? Any advice hugely appreciated, thank you!

I think it depends whether you would like to wait or not. It is usually better to wait for the teeth to come through and then have the braces. My daughter is 13 years old and she started now with NHS treatment and it is going well so far. I hope this helps.

We are going NHS. Actually got the dentist to xray and found that no baby tooth so we’d have been waiting for ages! Our orthodontist does NHS & private so hoping the outcome is the same…

I went privately so can only speak to my experience and can’t comment on the NHS! It obviously depends on the actual teeth, but privately I was seen very quickly and regularly, which meant that my teeth were sorted out within the year (age 15 - 16).