Brands similar to Adanola

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend any brands or pieces you’ve seen that are similar to the vibe of Adanola?

Cheers xx


The high street are deffo leaning into this minimal-sporty aesthetic - have seen some nice logo sweatshirts especially on Zara, Strad and Bershka as well as Asos. Here are a couple of my faves!

Also if you’re after leggings these seamless looking ones are quite adanola-esque


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Oysho are really lovely too!

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4th and reckless just brought out a really grey tracksuit that I have and its so soft!

I also love Life of ease
GPC too GPC Landing Page

That’s on tracksuits x

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Oysho are FAB! Recently bought a jacket which was £££ from the other main brands - £45 from Oysho and I’ve worn it to death already. They have a store in Westfield now which is great for browsing IRL x

Here are a few: