Breaking Nails

After back to back Shellac, my nails are so weak! Whenever I do give them time to recover, I’ll have one gel manicure and as soon as the Shellac is off they’re back to being weak again.
Can someone recommend a strengthening treatment that isn’t just clear but also looks nice, perhaps with a bit of a nude tint?

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we recently wrote this about subtle nail illuminators and lots of these have really good strengthening benefits too!

The OPI one is specifically suited when you’re on a break from gels, need a bit of colour and want to help repair damage. x

I too have seriously damaged nails right now! CND RescueRXX Treatment 15ml - LOOKFANTASTIC

This has been the only thing to help, but it doesn’t have a tint.

I’ve heard good things about this and I believe it has a rosy quality to it:

Georgina, I would recommend no other product than Rejuvacote (every women in my life swears by it!!!)