Bridal dress for wedding evening reception

I’m getting married this summer and whilst I absolutely love my ceremony dress, the train is too long for a night of dancing and the material doesn’t gather up well to bustle. I originally was adamant that no matter what I wanted to wear that dress all day and night as no reception dress would match to how much I love it but having gone to a fitting recently it reminded me that it really will be difficult to dance in and want to at least explore the option of finding a cute shorter option/jumpsuit to wear in the evening.

Does anyone have any recommendations for party-style shorter wedding dresses or bridal jumpsuits for an evening reception?

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The Own Studio have an amazing collection of party peices : PARTY PIECES - The OWN Studio – THE OWN STUDIO

Alternatively, you could rent your second look (this is what I did). It is a bit of a risk but as long as you have a back up option it can pay off. HURR have a great bridal edit Bridal Rental | HURR

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From personal experience, even if you love your dress there is nothing more liberating than shedding it off and putting on something you can actually dance in, so you’ve made the right call! We’ve rounded up some cool styles here - 7 Modern Bridal Collections We Love Now | SheerLuxe
Lots of fab brands doing cool things. Nadine Merabi also has some fun options x