Bridal Evening Dress

Hi Polly,

I’m getting married August bank holiday. I love my wedding dress (& for love) but I would love the chance to change it up in the evening as it’s quite long.

My criteria is making the hunt quite difficult; I need some sort of a sleeve as I feel self conscious about my arms and it needs to be not too short or tight. Unfortunately that’s left me with a lot of very non-fun (read: sexy) options.

I love the idea of the 16Arlington Odessa or Adelaide dresses but they’re a little outside of my budget having already purchased the dress for the main event. If there’s nothing else I’d rent but I’d love to find out if you’ve seen anything else that might fit the bill?

Thank you!

Hi love! Congratulations :slight_smile:

My first thought for this was Shona Joy - any of the below would be gorgeous imo and for any of them that have a straight rather than a balloon sleeve, you could take to a tailor and ask them to add a feather trim, if that’s what you’re after! It’s a pretty simple job and shouldn’t be expensive.

I also keep staring at this Reformation dress and wishing I had an occasion to wear it… let me live vicariously through you!

Thank you so much! Love the idea of adding the feather too, definitely something I’d be up for doing myself.

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