Bridesmaids gift? Help :)

What can I get my bridesmaid as a gift please? Budget £100 max
Already got pjs :slight_smile:

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Gigi and Olive has lovely ideas

2 Likes do personalised blends & lovely glassware which make great presents.

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A spa or beauty treatment is a nice gift if you have a local spa or beauty salon that you could buy a voucher for. You could treat them to a spa day in a few weeks time to unwind together and enjoy the memories of your wedding day. Something nice to look forward to once the post-wedding blues kick in!

Champagne always goes down well! Or how about a framed picture of the two of you?

I bought my bridesmaid this, as she was travelling up to our wedding and she wears a lot of jewellery so I thought it would be something she’d like for future trips

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I got them personalised candles!! :slight_smile: