Brighton - Sunday Roast recc’s for a birthday family meal - 14 of us!

Hey, love to hear your suggestions of a good old hearty Sunday roast pub/ restaurant for a birthday lunch on Easter Sunday. There’s 14 of us so needs to be able to accommodate us in one sitting. Thanks!


My favourite pubs in Brighton don’t allow large bookings as they’re tiny pubs but you could try the Haus on the Hill which has a lovely roast, or the Walrus is quite big (great vibes but I haven’t eaten there) or if you’re happy to go into Hove you could try the Ginger Pig?

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So sorry to have missed this one earlier! If anyone else is looking for ideas, Busby + Wilds does a great roast, as does Haus on the Hill.

This is a great place to look, all nominated by locals: