Brother’s birthday present

Hi everyone! Any ideas for birthday presents for an older brother? I struggle with this every year! He works a professional job with long hours and likes tech solutions for his home office. In his spare time he enjoys going to the gym, playing golf and padel. He also loves going out for dinner and wine bars, travelling, BBQs, etc. Budget roughly £100-£150. Any thoughts very much appreciated!

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I suggest having a look at Taschen and Assouline as they have some titles related to food and wine:

Or maybe a cooking class or a wine tasting experience?

I have the same issue every year with my brother, such a tough one to buy for! If he likes tech solutions how about this wine opener or this might be a bit rogue but I personally love it - a pizza oven for the bbq

Thank you these are brilliant

Love the idea of a pizza oven for the BBQ!!

If he’s into padel and doesn’t have his own racket yet you could look into that or get him a nice bag for his racket like this one

Borough Kitchen has some lovely kitchen and BBQ gifts for foodies! Like Big Green Egg cookbooks, nice chef aprons etc.

Otherwise, there are lots of new padel courts in London - would a 1-2-1 session appeal? Rocket is about to open a site at Battersea Power Station.

And also I recently bought someone a restaurant voucher for Luca in Clerkenwell which went down really well!

I recently bought my brother some beer coolers from YETI and he was thrilled with them!

I have two brothers and hear you with the struggle! I recently got mine an air bnb voucher - now I know vouchers are a bit dry BUT he’s been able to put towards a really cool location in Amsterdam. If he likes wine, I also recommend Tillingham for the experience in Rye - I went with my partner and it’s such a special experience

Haha comforting to hear we are all having the same struggle!

Not sure if he is a member of a golf club anywhere but what about an on the course golf lesson where he would play a round of golf with the pro and get a lessson on the way around? Or same with Paddle class?
Love all the other suggestions, I have 4 brothers and 4 sons, always so tricky to get presents!

How about a smart toiletry bag - i love this from Want Les Essentials - they are great at mens accesories

I’d recommend a HORL knife sharpener, very cool design like an Apple product, great if he’s into BBQs and cooking etc… highly recommended by loads of media and you can get the £119 version at Borough Kitchen > Buy Horl Knife Sharpeners Online at Borough Kitchen?

The knife sharpener is such a cool idea thank you!

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Does he have a sports watch? You can find lots of options at that price point. This site also has lots of cool golf accessories / clothing x

How about a gift voucher for Culinary Concepts?

‘Stylish and beautiful items for your home. From unique table top accessories, barware and cutlery sets to garden lanterns, statement furniture and modern lighting.’