Another question, we all know you have a love of the bulldog breed but you get a lot of criticism about your choice of ownership of a dog that falls into the brachycephalic group of which there are 24 breeds of dogs listed.
Your previous bulldog Matilda lived to nearly 14 years old and I believe her sibling’s also had long lives so was this the reason you sought out the same breeding kennel and stud line to bring Myrtle into your life as that line (Kingrock) breeds dogs without the over excessive skin folds especially over the nose and their breeding and history can be traced back 45years+ or was it purely as a connection to Matilda or maybe both? And do you think you get unfairly judged by people who know absolutely nothing about the breed but jump on the bandwagon every time brachycephalic dogs are mentioned?

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You obviously have done your research into bulldogs…I have learned over the past 13 x years of presenting a dog hour on the BBC that dog owners are very judgemental.
One trainer will disagree with another…I get comments below my vlog on whether Myrtle is well cared for( I can assure you she has a wonderful life)
And yes…I realise my choice of breed is extremely controversial.
BUT if you look at Myrtle…she resembles the original victorian bulldog…before they were over bred…she has long legs…longer snout …runs like the wind.
Kingrock are breeders who are definitely attempting to breed healthier dogs…and all the Kingrocks I have known have lived long healthy lives.
They are a beautiful breed which man exploited and I hope they return to their victorian breed standards…healthy dogs.