Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced make-up setting spray?

Hi, I am looking for suggestions on an effective make-up setting spray. I don’t want to spend a fortune either, anything up to £15. Thanks for your help!

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I still maintain the very best is this one: Travel-size Setting Spray - Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray | Charlotte Tilbury

But on a budget, I really rate this one too: e.l.f | Boots



I second Becky’s suggestion! The Charlotte Tilbury one is the best I’ve ever tried

I do also like this one as an alternative option:

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Urban Decay All Nighter is my go-to - a full-size bottle is slightly over your budget but its often on offer or you could get a travel size version to try.

I also like the Body Shop’s Hydrating Setting Spray| Make-Up | The Body Shop  for a cheaper option.

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Have used MAC Fix+ for yearsMAC Fix+

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3rd vote for Charlotte Tilbury - it really is the best one out there!

You’ve all sold me on Charlotte Tilbury, I have it on order. Thank you all so much for your helpful suggestions.

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