Car Rental in Puglia

Hey, I am going to Puglia in a few weeks time and wondering if anyone has any good recs for car rentals?X

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My sister-in-law passed on this information as she loves travelling to Puglia:

She recommends renting from the app as they offer rentals from different car hire companies and an insurance on the rented car.

She also mentions to rent from Locauto (from the Bari airport) - they might offer a slight more expensive car rental but their service is top.

Hope this helps! Wishing you a safe trip :slightly_smiling_face:

My husband and I were in Puglia for 10 days and roadtripped around. We hired from Hertz and found the whole process very smooth.

Iā€™d recommended a smaller car if possible as there are narrow roads in the villages and the smaller the car the easier it is to squeeze into parking spaces.
Hope that helps!